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Get to Know Authenticaa

We are 2 French sisters who changed career and started Authenticaa's new adventure in 2013. Together, we brainstorm, design, manufacture, market and sell with a customer oriented approach.

Our products allow you to create any metal decor by customizing our metal shapes with your own DIY metal craft touch!

Located in Austin, Texas, our studio is on a ranch, surrounded by horses, chickens, bunnies and a loving community of fellow artists and artisans, all women!

This friendly community of creative women inspires us everyday and we are thankful to be working in such an amazing environment. The nature and the people are a permanent source of inspiration and keep our "Authenticaa, inspired by Nature" motto alive.

If you're in Austin, come and visit us and take a look at our little co-op, the Hand Made at Nutty Brown store, featuring among others: Bee Mary, Austin Craft lounge, Philorganic, On the Fence Art, Rishikesh Bliss, Viva la Silk, Marichu Plants.

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