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Polar Bears, Penguins and more...

Our Arctic collection displays animals from the poles and places on Earth where extreme temperatures create harsh living conditions. Polar bears and penguins are resilient animals who not only have to endure this environment but also face the consequence of climate change. This collection is a tribute to these amazing creatures. 


Our customer favorite winter themed decor is The Polar Bear Family. This piece represents a family of bears following one another. It is made of natural reclaimed wood and metal, painted and sanded. and has a beautiful message.

Living in one of the harshest environment on our planet, mamma bear gives birth to her cubs in a snow den, to protect the family from the terribly cold winter. At birth, the babies are barely the size of a guinea pig and will stay with their mamma for almost 2 years until they're strong enough to survive the Arctic. Polar bears symbolize power and courage, endurance and wisdom.