Nursery and Kids Decor

An all-time favorite in kids and nursery decor, the Safari theme nourishes our little ones enthusiasm for wilderness and adventures. Browse our safari collection and discover our elephants, lions, giraffes and more to come.

Another all-time favorite and source of wonder for little ones. Our farm collection is all about little creatures we want to run, cuddle or play with. Check our elegant family of ducks, our adorable lambs siblings and more to come

Fiction and make believe are a wonderful and fantastic part of childhood. This Fantasy collection revisits fairy tales and popular childhood stories for the dreamer and the believer

The arctic is unknown and outlandish. Birds that can't fly, bears that are white, islands made of ice... Discover our arctic collection with its majestic polar bears, cute penguins and more to come.

The depth of the ocean are still an unknown and fascinating territory. The abyss are home to some gigantic specimen like the blue whale, and hosting some creatures like the shark, king of the sea. The seaside collection is great for curious kids, fascinated by Marine Life

This woodland collection is like a walk in the woods, simple, natural and refreshing. Check this collection and discover our family of playful foxes, our lovely family of bears, and more to come

This collection is for the passionate, the curious, adventurous, nature lover and outdoorsy kid. The Discovery and Nature collection is all about being a kid and marveling about everything

Animal Kingdom

Our Babies & Kids collection is the most fun to design. Nature has so much to offer and is always a source of wonder for kids. Animals of all sorts are the cutest subjects to represent and our artwork is made to fit any theme, any color schemes and every decor.

One of our most popular wall art theme for a baby nursery is The Safari collection. This collection offers elephants following one another, elephant siblings at play or a family of lions resting and cuddling. It is made of natural reclaimed wood and metal, painted and sanded. and each piece has a beautiful story to tell.


The Woodland Collection is another kids favorite room theme. With families of bears and foxes, it's like a walk in the woods. 


Another customer favorite baby nursery decor is the Farm Collection. Families of ducks and little sheep siblings make a really authentic decor for your little ones.

There is a lot to discover as far as the animal kingdom is concerned. Between sharks and whales, penguins and polar bears, our Babies & kids collection has a lot to offer. Were you looking for a custom artwork matching your kids room, go to our Custom Art page and we will work with you!

Adventure & Storytelling


Children love adventure, real or fictitious. Whether it's through storytelling and fairy tales or through exploration and discoveries, our Fantasy Collection will please the dreamers while our Discovery & Nature Collection will thrill the adventurous and pragmatic ones.

Baby Nursery Favorites

Parade of Elephants

Elephant nursery decor is a very popular theme for a baby boy or baby girl. Make this yours and customize our handcrafted artwork to your room's colors

safari bookends yellow Giraffe and grey

Safari Bookends

Our earth-friendly wood and metal bookends complement the Elephant and Safari theme. No room is complete with a little kids library

Lambs grey frame in room Farm and Spring

Lambs Buddies

This is this season's kids room decor best seller. These cute little lambs are playful and loving sisters. A version for boys also exists. It is also a very popular baby shower gift

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