The Sky is the Limit

If you like any metal décor or artwork composition on our website but want us to change a few things, we can absolutely make it for you, paint it to your colors, adjust it to your sizes, etc...

If you want a complete custom artwork done, following a design or project you have, please send us your pictures, drawings, and ideas and we'll work with you!

For custom yard art and custom business signs, we can use different thicknesses of steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass or copper. We can paint them, have them powder coated for exterior use, we can add a wood frame, plexiglass backing, etc.... See our gallery above for inspiration and ideas as well as details on the types of custom signs we can do, just below. 

Click on each category for more details, prices and options on the type of custom order you are interested in.

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Layla sign in room_edited.jpg

There is no limit to what you envision and what we can do. What you see on this website is what we have done, what you don't see is what we can't wait to design for you. Whether indoor or outdoor, big or small, all metal or mixed media, custom art is any artwork that speaks to you! Send us your ideas, pictures, drawings, inspirations, give us your budget we will work with you to create a piece that you'll love!

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tree custom yeard art WIX_edited.jpg

Metal is wonderfully appropriate for yard art and address signs. Whether you like the rusty look of steel, blue-green tints of aged copper,  or want to keep the ever shine of stainless steel, we have you covered. We can custom make a decorative screen, honor your loved ones with a unique memorial artwork, immortalize the wildlife around you with forever blooming metal flowers or look alive pets, we can do so much more to enhance your front or backyard.

Interested in getting custom yard art?

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Flange sign side_edited.jpg

Stenciled signs can be as simple or as complicated as you want them to be. Either way, they are a very effective way to communicate your message, business info or event. We offer a variety of backings in different shapes, thicknesses and sizes. If you want a different shape or an irregular one, we can custom make one too. Check our product page for more examples, material choices and prices.

Interested in getting a custom stenciled sign?

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Dk partner sign WIX_edited.jpg

This is an artsy and very creative way to make future prospects notice your business. On a metal plaque, we simply cutout (=remove) your design, logo or wording, creating a negative space where the letters should be and leaving metal all around. It basically looks like an industrial metal stencil that you can decide to offset on a colored plexiglass, backlit for a cool and trendy effect, frame in wood or simply hang to your wall which will show through the cutouts.

Interested in getting a negative space sign?

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Custom Sign Metal and Wood Two one Two

These signs are more common and objectively standing out from the backing they are mounted on. Instead of removing the design from the metal and creating a negative space, these signs are creating a positive space. Your letter, design, or logo, will be made of the material of your choice : metal or plywood. You then have the option of simply mounting it on a surface you already own (wall, stone, etc...) or we can mount it for you on a wood backing.

Interested in getting a positive space sign?

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Authenticaa Vendor Sign with metal base.jpg

Small businesses, crafters and artists setting up their booths and tables weekly for markets and tradeshows know the hassle of moving around large heavy display and fragile printed signs or posters. We are adding a simple way for customers to remember your brand, name or logo.

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custom surfboard awards_edited.jpg

There is award and award... Sure, you can find a lot of trophies for a buck or two, all similar, plastic made or fabricated far far far away. And who are we to judge? But you can also have them custom handmade in the USA, with reclaimed cedar from sun bleached Austin fences, hand painted and sanded for a vintage look, each one tailored to whom it will belong to. Custom trophies and awards are a unique and very thoughtful way to reward the people it is aimed for.

Interested in getting custom trophies or awards?

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