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Custom Trophies

Awards of Art

There is award and award... Sure, you can find a lot of trophies for a buck or two, all similar, plastic made or fabricated far far far away. And who are we to judge? But you can also have them custom handmade in the USA, with reclaimed cedar from sun bleached Austin fences, hand-painted and sanded for a vintage look, each one tailored to whom it will belong to. Custom trophies and awards are a unique and very thoughtful way to reward the people it is aimed for.

Contact Us

Free Consultation

For any project, please request a consultation first. We have 2 options for your convenience.

This consultation will allows us to determine if your project fits our expertise and how we all move on to the next step.

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Custom Trophies Request Form

Fill out this form for your custom trophies order request or email us at for any custom trophy or award question you may have.
We will reply ASAP and let you know how we can help you. Thanks!

Upload file
Upload file

Thanks for submitting!


Design Fee

After our initial Consultation, you will be directed to pay for our CUSTOM TROPHY DESIGN FEE.

It is a $100 designing and prototyping fee that covers a couple of designs, a rendering and prototyping (if needed).

This fee is non refundable.


Invoice & Production

Upon approval of design and quote, we'll invoice you for the number of trophies you need and we will start creating them as soon as payment has been made.
Price for trophies usually vary between $20 to $40 a piece depending on size, number and complexity.

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