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What are the payment options?

We changed the location for our store and redirected everything to our Etsy store. There, you can pay with Paypal or your credit card. Both systems are secure and encrypted.

What is the Shipping Policy

We make most of our products at time of order. It usually takes up to 3 business days before we ship your metal items. Unless you opt for faster shipping we use Priority Mail (3-5 days). Let us know if you need a rush order and we'll do our best to make it happen.
If it is a custom order, it will probably take longer (4-5 days if we paint a kit. About 3-4 weeks if we work on a business sign)

What is your return policy?

You can return any piece you receive provided it wasn't custom, used, painted or altered. Please contact us beforehand.
Shipping fees will be your responsibility unless your item arrived damaged (broken, bent or heavily scratched). If the package is already damaged, please take a picture before opening and send it to us it so we can use our insurance for refunds.

I can't find a certain metal shape, can you make one for me?

If you want a simple metal silhouette with no or minimal inside cuts, we can make it for you within a few days for a $10 design fee. If we think this is a shape we can offer in our store, we will wave the fee. Please contact us:

Can you make smaller than 4.5" or bigger than 24" pieces?

Yes, we can, please contact us as we may need to use a laser cutter instead of our plasma cutter that limits us to the dimensions we offer in our store.  We can generally safely cut simple silhouette as small as 2" as long as they do not have cuts/lines inside.

Do you offer other types of metal or other thicknesses?

Yes we do. Please inquire as metal prices change daily. We can offer all our pieces in different gauges or different metals: stainless steel, aluminum, copper or brass. Keep in mind that they will be pre-finished only. Such pieces will be laser cut and will take about 2 weeks to be shipped.

What can I do with my unfinished metal piece?

Whether unfinished or polished, your piece will come with a coat of rust inhibitor.

  • You can leave it and re-apply some once in a while to delay oxidation.

  • You can remove it to finish your piece or clear coat it to keep the metal look.

To remove the rust inhibitor, use rubbing alcohol or acetone and a clean lint free rag.

Then use any type of paint, sealant or finishing solution you want : Rustoleum type spray paint, acrylic paint, clear varnish, oxidizer, vinegar-salt-hydrogen peroxide (to accelerate rust), etc...

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