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Negative Space Signs

Designs cutout from your material choice

This is an artsy and very creative way to make future prospects notice your business. On a metal plaque, we simply cutout (=remove) your design, logo or wording, creating a negative space where the letters should be and leaving metal all around. It basically looks like an industrial metal stencil that you can decide to offset on a colored plexiglass, backlit for a cool and trendy effect, frame in wood or simply hang to your wall which will show through the cutouts.


Material & Options

Laser Cutting


Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum

Depending on your material selection, the plaque will be cut using a CNC laser, plasma or router. These technologies allow for precision and adaptability. 

Plywood can also be used in the same manner.

Carpenter Leaning on Piece of Wood


Real wood vs Plywood

Depending on design and budget, we can use a variety of wood board for the frame or backing. From reclaimed wood, to wood planks to plywood to MDO, there are several options for indoor and outdoor uses



Modern and Light

A Plexiglass backing is a great way to add some color and give a modern and light touch to a heavier industrial metal look.

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Make it Shine

Combined with backlight, "negative" custom signs are truly standing out by illuminating your logo from behind. Hardwired or ready to be plugged in, light effectively brings a little extra to your sign, and turns it into a statement piece.

standoff bolts


Visible or Not?

Design and budget usually dictate the decision to make hardware visible or not. Invisible hardware gives a modern and sleek look. But there are lots of modern looking standoff bolts that can be used to keep the modern look afforable too.

Moving further

3-Step Process

  1. Free Consultation: We recommend you contact us first for a free consultation about your project. We need as many details as possible so we can check what will work the best within your needs and budget. To do so, please fill out our Custom Sign Request Form or come and visit us if you are in Austin.

  2. Custom Sign Design Fee: Once we know more about your project, we will make a few recommendations and direct you to purchase our Custom Sign Design Fee (see below). This fee involves a non-refundable 3-4 hour design and rendering, following your specifications. budget, etc...

  3. Final Order: Once the design has been approved, we will invoice you the reminder of the sign.