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Custom Sign Metal and Wood Two one Two

Positive Space Signs

Designs made of your material choice

These signs are more common and objectively standing out from the backing they are mounted on. Instead of removing the design from the metal and creating a negative space, these signs are creating a positive space. Your letter, design, or logo, will be made of the material of your choice : metal or plywood. You then have the option of simply mounting it on a surface you already own (wall, stone, etc...) or we can mount it for you on a wood backing.


Material & Options

Chanasya sign_edited.jpg


Depending on your material selection, the designs, letters or logo will be cut using a CNC laser, plasma or router. These technologies allow for precision and adaptability. Plywood can also be used in the same manner and interlock with your metal.

Metal pieces can be left bare or painted with different techniques, like this hammer bronze finish.

maple plywood stained.jpg


3/4" cabinet grade Maple plywood can be stained in a variety of shades that enhance the wood grain and provide a beautiful background to the metal design.



This type of design looks better with invisible hardware. depending on the metal used weld or glue bolts or nuts behind each metal piece to make them float above their backing. It is a long and precise process that creates a flawless handmade and artistic sign.

Moving further

3-Step Process

  1. Free Consultation: We recommend you contact us first for a free consultation about your project. We need as many details as possible so we can check what will work the best within your needs and budget. To do so, please fill out our Custom Sign Request Form or come and visit us if you are in Austin.

  2. Custom Sign Design Fee: Once we know more about your project, we will make a few recommendations and direct you to purchase our Custom Sign Design Fee (see below). This fee involves a non-refundable 3-4 hour design and rendering, following your specifications. budget, etc...

  3. Final Order: Once the design has been approved, we will invoice you the reminder of the sign.

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