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Custom Order Explained

Updated: Nov 11, 2022

Since 2013, we have been designing artwork made of reclaimed wood and steel. Each piece was carefully designed and painted, following our taste, our mood and our own logic. We still love doing this of course and will keep offering new designs but we have realized throughout the years that it's a lot more satisfying to work with your needs and input so we can create pieces that speak to you and not the opposite.


Metal Shape Store vs Custom

Our store is mostly for the DIyer at heart, the handy or the creative soul. With hundreds of shapes and an ever-growing catalog, this store is great to browse so you can get an idea of things or themes we revolve around. Most shapes are simple silhouettes than can be assembled with others around a theme, painted, glued, nailed down, turned into ornaments, mobiles, suncatchers, etc... Some pieces are more intricate and detailed and can just be left as is with a simple ribbon. The DIYer is the master!

Our custom page gives you ideas of what we can do. Most of the artwork you see there has actually been made using shapes from the "regular" store:-) The possibilities are endless, from wall art to trophies, yard art to business signs, ornaments to coat racks, bookends to address signs... As we always love to say: "the sky is the limit"

The custom request are geared toward people who either want a finished product, a piece already made, ready to use or offer. No request is too small. Custom requests can also be made for a simple metal shape that we will specially design and cut for your special project.


For all your custom needs, the process is as follow:

1- contact us.

Use the form on our Custom Art & Signs page or email us directly at to schedule an in-person consultation at our studio in Austin.

Tell us as much as you can, even if it isn't completely defined yet.

It can be as simple as:

"I need an owl shape"


"I'd like some wall art to go above my son's crib, we have a yellow and white nursery room with a farm theme".

Or as detailed as:

"I need a custom yard sign with my address number and the silhouettes of my family and 3 dogs. We have a Chihuahua, a dalmatian and a bulldog. I'd also love to have the tree we planted when my daughter was born and 2 lovebirds to represent my parents. I am very short and my husband is quite big. I have pictures of us as well as the tree, etc, etc.... "

You get the idea.

You can upload pictures directly on our website or directly by email.

2- Design Fee

Custom art always scares people because there is no set price in advance and starting the process without knowing how much it will cost or how the piece will look is not a reassuring thought. Because of the nature of this type of order though, pricing it in advance is impossible.

We have set a minimal design fee of $65 to start the process for custom wall art, custom business signs or custom yard art.

Note: Small pieces (4-6" simple metal shapes) don't fall into this category as they are simple silhouettes that usually only require a small design fee of $15. Send us a picture or better, a silhouette you like and we should be able to do it within a couple of days.

The $65 design fee however is for larger projects. It covers our exchanges, brainstorming, first draft and rendering. Once submitted to you and if you like it, we can quote it. If you are ready to go, we then fine tune the design, prototype it if necessary, cut it, paint it, pre-assemble it, send you a picture, assemble it, finish it, wrap it and ship it to you.

This whole process takes 2-3 weeks, more if we go with a different metal than steel or if it involves other materials than wood and metal (like plexiglass, lights, powder coating, etc...)

3- Price idea?

Custom project = custom price...

Price will depend on size, metal thickness, metal type, backing (or not), additional materials (see above).

To give you a very basic idea of our price ranges in 2021:

- an all metal 20 gauge steel custom piece, unpainted and 20" long was around $125-$145, design fee included.

-A custom yard art piece of 24" x 24" made of bare 14 gauge steel was about $200, design fee included.

-A small custom wall art piece (about 12x12) made of wood and 20 gauge painted steel was in the $150-200 range while a large sized one (4' long), was closer to $350-400 design fee included.

-A wood and stainless steel business sign can be anywhere between $400 and $2,000. The bigger, the most expensive usually.

Note that these are estimates only meant to help you decide if you want to proceed with the design process and fee. We can not guarantee that those prices will be applicable in your case. Metal and wood costs have skyrocketed these past 2 years and we are trying to keep up while staying as affordable as possible.

4- Questions?

If you have any questions, please subscribe to our blog or email us directly at


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