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Hand Made Pub Sign

Men are always hard to buy for, well at least mine is... Most of the store bought products are still in their original bags months later and the few useful gifts (uhm.. uhm... think razor or underwear) he could honestly have bought himself.

The gifts my husband has always cherished were the hand made ones. Throughout the years, I have made videos with the kids, photo albums, food and the kids have made numerous school art projects for their dad (in various degrees of success...)

So this year, I thought it was time to put a little elbow grease and think about making something. I had to make sure it was just for him and that it meant something to him.

My husband is part Irish, likes beer and art and with St Patty's coming up, I thought why not incorporate some of the symbols of St Patrick's and make a sign for his man cave! well... his office...

Authenticaa carries a lot of metal shapes in various themes so I clicked on "holidays" and found a few St Patty's shapes that would do just right. I had to decide how big I wanted my sign before ordering the size of metal I needed and made sure to add the "holes option". The rest was a breeze.

I had a piece of maple cabinet grade plywood leftover from another project that would do just right. I went on the internet for some ideas and downloaded a couple of images that I could trace later (I am no artist...).

The whole sign took me about 3 hours. Painting the couple was probably what scared me the most and I know a real artist would do a better job but I am overall satisfied. It was honestly a pretty easy art project to make and I now have plenty of other ideas I want to explore. Friends and family, prepare yourselves for homemade gifts:)

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