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Cleaning your Metal Shapes

Updated: Mar 2, 2022

Cleaning our metal Shape: our metal shapes come to you coated with a rust inhibitor. Before painting or finishing them, you will need to remove it.

Use alcohol or acetone and a clean lint free rag. Wipe your metal piece and you're done.

Tip #1 - Lint free rag?

It isn't necessary if you plan on letting your metal piece rust. But if you want to paint it, especially with spray paint, you won't want any leftover fabric dust from your rag. Using a lint free rag is great.

A microfiber rag is great too, provided you have no more dross on your metal piece ("all polished" option or DIY possibility - see our "how to remove dross" video)

Tip #2 - Alcohol vs Acetone?

Acetone cleans really well but is more toxic, smells quite strong and is not as readily available at home. In an indoor environment, alcohol is easier and will clean your piece sufficiently for any painting job. You can use rubbing alcohol from your medicine cabinet or denatured alcohol from your hardware store.

Tip #3 - Be green

Our best lint free rag are our kids old dry-fit shirts. We feel good about recycling them and they are light on cost.

We also use the Clean Strip brand for cleaning : it has 95% natural and renewable content.

For some inspiration on how to finish your metal piece, check our DIY ideas in this Blog.

And if you're happy with your project, send us a picture at:

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