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How to make your own car mirror ornament

Updated: Mar 18, 2022

This is a very easy DIY craft suitable for all ages. The hardest part is to find your favorite among hundreds of shapes.

Step #1 - Find your metal shape

Go to our "metal shape store" and find a piece that speaks to you. We recommend ordering a 3"- 4.5" shape for this project. Make sure to order the "ornament holes option".

Step #2 - Paint or not?

When you receive your metal, it will have been coated with a rust inhibitor. If you want to paint it, you will have to remove it with an alcohol pad (see our tips in the "how to clean Metal" video). If you decide to leave it in bare metal, you don't have to do anything.

Step #3 - Attach the metal

There are many things you can use to hang your metal. We like the organic look and would favor materials such as hemp, twine or colored cotton strings. Just make sure to leave your knot loosely tied so you can attach it around your mirror later.

Step #4 - Add "extras"

Depending on the look you are going for, there are tons of things you can add. From beads, to sea shells, to feathers, to charms, the sky is the limit. In this video, we went with whatever we had in the studio but had we had green gems, or little Irish charms, that would have looked pretty cool.

Step #5 - Attach to your rear view mirror

We would recommend leaving the string a little longer and then adjusting it once you are in your car. Not all mirrors are the same and not all shapes are the same. Some pieces will look better higher than others and at the end, it is a matter of preference:)

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