Painting your Metal Shapes

Updated: Mar 18

How to paint bare metal pieces using acrylic paint and create a one of a kind artwork

Mia Browles shared her amazing talent with us to demonstrate how she painted this cute mother and bear art piece.

Step#1 - Clean the metal

Using an alcohol pad or following our tips in the "how to clean Metal" video, clean the metal to remove any grease, fingerprints or rust inhibitor.

Step#2 - Prime

Prime your metal with one coat of paint.

Step#3 - Get some inspiration or go wild

Start painting and have fun, using simple acrylic paint

Step#4 - Fix your painting

Using gesso, matte, satin or glossy, fix your paint. Make sure to bend your metal pieces where desired (like ears, branches, etc....) beforehand.

Step #5 - Frame it

Nail down, glue down, or use magnets and position your pieces in a great display, virtually anywhere you want.

Check our metal shape store for individual pieces to buy or our curated metal kits and sets for a little creativity help.

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