Our family of elephants metal shapes are made from 20 gauge steel and come in bare metal for you to finish. They come in different sizes and configurations giving you a wide variety of projects.



•Choose which project you want for your metal shape:

 -As pictured: the metal shape comes as in the first picture and in different sizes. This gives you the opportunity to be as creative as you want.

-For Coat racks and Accessory Holders: the metal shape will come as an insert that you can fit in the grove of the wood.

 -For Freestanding hooks: the metal shape will come with hooks at the bottom. You will have to bend the hooks.

 -For Bookends: the metal shapes will have an L-shaped insert that will fit in both groves of the bookend. They come as a set.

 -For Ornaments: the metal shape will come with a hole, (either inside the shape or on the outside), so you can hang it. We only offer the male elephant as an ornament. 






Family of elephants metal shapes