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Our beautiful and meaningful charms are designed and made in the USA.

Made of high quality stainless steel for a sustainable corrosion free material, faux-suede cord for a soft touch, Fair-Trade wood beads and powerful gemstones.
Our pendant comes secured to an elegant card displaying the meaning of the charm, the properties of the gemstone, and a relevant quote.

Greeting Cards

Beautifully signed Greeting cards  with meaningful ornaments to celebrate every important moment of life.

Each ornament is made of stainless steel, attached to a cord, ready to hand as a beautiful keepsake. Comes with a Blank Card whose title is meant to inspire the giver and the recipient.

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Our All-in-one ornament gift card boxes are the perfect solution for any occasion and recipient.

For a friend, family member or a corporate gift, simply choose a stainless steel ornament that matches the situation or occasion, fill the attached box with goodies, add a gift card or not in the provided envelope and you get a perfect, unique present, entirely made in the USA!

Charms & Gemstones


Charms & Gemstones on Cards

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Ornament Greeting Cards


Artistic Greeting Cards

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Ornament Gift Card Box


Any Occasion Ornament Gift Box

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